Hazel Campbell Paintings

Hazel Campbell has lived and worked in Galloway for most of her adult life, and through attendance at painting classes over a number of years she has developed her own vigorous style of painting. She has a loose, bold approach, working mainly in oil and gouache, using local Galloway countryside as a stimulus for landscape painting. Still life and flowers are also subjects, and like the landscapes, are being treated in an increasingly broad manner.

View my new video below to see how I work.

Wed, February 3 2016

Can't believe I haven't updated this since November!  Pictures accepted at RSW, sold one at Stranraer, and the Exhibition at Catstrand was very good, with more than half sold! Getting down to some serious work now for my solo at Gracefield Arts Centre starting 23 rd May for 6 weeks. I think there is a workshop involved with that too. 

Studio was flooded on Wednesday, wall to wall! Fortunately I had left nothing of value on the floor. Said floor has never looked so clean.

Have added a 3 day summer course from 2nd to 4th July to coincide with our black currant crop! Bring your own containers. (And pick them yourselves!)  Visit the painting school section for more info.

Will endeavour to update this more often.